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Serve a great cup of coffee that is full of flavor and purpose while supporting local businesses and communities as well as our First Responders and Military.

Image by Marek Piwnicki

Months later - here we are ready to bring you the most smooth and quality tasting cup of coffee. Even Kerri who normally only drinks coffee with syrups in it LOVED these roasts black in espresso and drip. Coffee drinkers want quality roasts full of flavor and UNTAMED is here to serve you that perfect cup that you will sit and enjoy to the last drop. 


Sitting around in deep discussions is normal in the Hubler household. And planning for the future is always a topic. One discussion led to let's do it....let's start our own coffee brand and coffee shop! Brady started telling Matt about the mission of starting up our own coffee as well as teaching others how to be prepared for whatever life throws at them, Matt wanted in right away. So the work began. 


Our beans are sourced from small family farms, roasted to perfection and quickly delivered to your door. 

The People

Image by Keith Misner

Kerri Hubler - Co-Founder

For years I have dreamed of opening a coffee shop as a family. Making the dream a reality is hard work and a lot of dedication. But who better to put the wheels in motion?!?! My love for people, hard work, my family, business and making fantastic things happen will be utilized in UNTAMED. 

I spent years in the corporate world working in business and accounting working my butt-off to prove myself, which paid off when I was hired on as Chief Financial Officer and General Manager. But moving to Bonney Lake meant that job had to be left behind and I stayed home to be a full time mom and volunteer. I found my passion for volunteering and spending every moment with my kids was where I truly belonged. Now they are all growing up and only 2 are left at home which means I have more time to pursue my dreams. What is my UNTAMED? It is being the woman that gets crap done with no excuses, playing outdoors and enjoying every waking moment life has granted with my family and friends. I have a quirky personality that is always ready to play, a lazy side that just wants to sit and watch a good show or movie and a serious side that is always ready to get 'er done.

Kids: 5 + 2 son-in-laws & a grandson on the way (I have been dreaming of this day for years)

Married: yep - to a hotty that looks really good in that uniform and a true hero

Pets: 1 Dog - the cutest Labradoodle ever

Favorite things to do: snowboard, hike, hangout with my family & friends, talk to everyone I meet, cook, & bake.

Favorite Drinks: marbled mocha with Toffee or Caramel, London Fog Latte, and a Dream with Passion soda!

Image by Keith Misner

Brady Hubler - Co-Founder

I am a Lieutenant with the Seattle Fire Department on the famed Engine Co. 13, and after 22 years of fighting fire, bandaging major wounds and plugging bullet holes I decided it was time to branch out into my passion for quality coffee. I love educating others in situational awareness, self reliance in major emergencies, and treatment of life-threatening injuries so the average citizen can be their own first responder. I would love to spend my time hiking, hunting, and shooting while sipping Untamed Coffee. I am a father to five amazing children, the trophy husband of the ever smoking hot Kerri, and am clearly a hero of men.

My favorite black coffee is Deep Timber in a pour over Chemex at 17.5-18g coffee to 300g water after 15g water used to flower the grind.

Image by Keith Misner

MT - Co-Founder

Father, Firefighter, Search & Rescue Specialist, Navy Veteran, Gear Junkie, Admirer of Coffee, Music and all things Outdoors.



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